Understanding HR Shared Service

HR Shared Services Defined

HR Shared Services, also known as HR Service Delivery (HRSD), or Professional Employer Organization (PEO) involves large organizations outsourcing HR processes, reporting, and software solutions to specialized third-party providers. This encompasses tasks like recruiting, talent management, data analysis, employee sentiment prediction software, payroll, and overall human capital management (HCM). This approach streamlines and optimizes HR functions for complex organizational structures.

Advantages of Centralization

  • Clear Chain of Command

A well-structured hierarchy facilitates efficient decision-making, ensuring that everyone in the organization knows their reporting lines and whom to approach for questions.

  • Focused Vision

Centralized management facilitates effective communication of the organization’s vision. Clear lines of authority ensure consistent message delivery,

  • Reduced Costs

Centralized organization adopts standardized procedures, cutting down on office and administrative costs while minimizing operational expenses.

  • Quick Implementation

In a centralized structure, rapid decision-making occurs at the top, involving a small group. Decisions are then swiftly communicated to lower-level managers.

  • Improved Quality of Work

The standardized procedures and better supervision in a centralized organization result in improved quality of work.

The Structure and Components

  • Correspondence & Employee Database

Maintaining data to track correspondence with employees, ensuring efficient communication and record-keeping. Access to this sheet is restricted to maintain confidentiality and data security

  • Employee Handbook Management

Develop handbook to serve as a centralized platform for employees to access and familiarize themselves with the Company’s goals, as well as to understand and comply with HR-related policies.

  • Employee Engagement Support

Prioritizing employee engagement as a key driver of a positive work culture to foster an inclusive and empowering environment.

  • Recruitment and Talent Sourcing Support

Talent Acquisition centralized approach empowers organizations to consolidate specialized skills within dedicated teams, fostering streamlined and efficient processes for identifying, attracting, and onboarding top talent.

  • Payroll Function

The integration of HRIS technology becomes pivotal in enhancing payroll efficiency, facilitating seamless data management, and ensuring compliance. Payroll using HRIS empowers businesses to navigate intricate payroll processes, mitigate errors, and ultimately contribute to the overall efficiency of HR operations.

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