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Going beyond fulfilling organizational needs and client satisfaction, Edukarir drives business operations and industry-focused strategies to align with environmental sustainability goals. We are in it together at every step from advisory to implementation.

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Our Services

Recruitment and Talent Sourcing Support

Edukarir supports recruitment and talent sourcing activities across various departments

Legal & Compliance Related Activity

Edukarir maintains compliance with labor regulations by uploading necessary employment documents

Payroll Related Support Activity

Edukarir manages payroll processes in collaboration with the finance department to get accurate and timely monthly payroll to all staff

Correspondence & Employee Database

A separate Google Sheet is maintained to track correspondence with employees.

Employee Handbook Management

Edukarir use a Notion-based knowledge management system known as the employee handbook. This handbook serves as a centralized platform for employees to access and familiarize themselves with the Company's goals

Employee Engagement Support

Edukarir prioritizes employee engagement as a key driver of a positive work culture. To foster an inclusive and empowering environment.

General Administrative

Within the administrative functions at Edukarir, several tasks are carried out to ensure smooth operations and efficient processes.

Performance Management & Employee Happiness Survey

Edukarir maintains compliance with labor regulations by uploading necessary employment documents

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