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We know how expensive and overwhelming human resource and business operation problems can be. It is our goal to help growing company solve that problems with more affordable offer.

Professional Employer Organization

Make your business operation become more efficient by accessing our continuous business services range from out shared the functions of HR, Compliance and Payroll team to Edukarir team.

Shared HRBP (Professional Employer Organization)

* Onboarding: Expertly guide new hires through orientation for a successful start
* Payroll Processing: Ensure compliant, efficient, and accurate payment processing
*Compensation & Benefits: Tailored employee rewards programs for retention and engagement
* HRIS Implementation: Streamline HR systems with customized HRIS solutions
* General Affairs Administration: Efficiently manage and optimize daily operations
* HR Representative: Dedicated HR support to empower and develop employees

Business and Management Consultation

We put people development as the frontier effort to upscale your business through strategizing your company program and upskill your champions through a series of consultation and professional training from experienced experts.

Business and Management Consultation

* Human Capital Strategic Level: Build your HR to another level by embracing new human capital approach to expand your business services

* People Development: Foster new champions of leaders to sustain your business culture and values through participatory and inclusive decision making process.

* Performance and risk management: Measure Key Performance Indicators and company’s risk at earliest time could make your business far more effective and efficient by planning anticipation and mitigation.

* Professional Management Trainings: Increase job satisfaction through direct involvement of your member of organization to choose their training based on current challenges.

* Demand generation Soft Skill Training: Uplift your team confidence and performance with a series of soft skill training.

Talent Management and Psychology Assessment

Find the best talent according to your business value with Edukarir Team. We support your HR team with a range of talent acquisition from multisector. We use professional psychological measurement to ensure your selection based on the company's vision.

Talent Management and Psychology Assessment

* Recruitment: We help you in expanding your talent choices through the use of HR online platform to access multiple platforms in order to make your recruitment process become more efficient, faster and effective.

* Head Hunting: Edukarir assists your team in finding the right talent based on selected criteria through our database and network.

* Psychological Assessment: Our psychology team is well known to give our client an objective and independent valuation on candidate or personnel capacity to inform the decision making process.

* Team Assessment: Enhance your team chemistry through reposition, rotation and promotion in an objective and independent manner.


Cost - Saving


Ideal For Small - Medium Business


Larage Enterprise - Ready

Data Management Principles​

  • Enterprise Google Drive Platform
  • Enterprise Cloud Platform
  • Offline Archive in Cabinets
  • Identify, Confirm and Protect Regulated Data
  • Control Access to Data & Networks
  • Develop with Proof of Compliance
  • Employee Compliance Training
  • Secure Devices

Operating Principles

  • Enterprise Google Drive Platform
  • Enterprise Cloud Platform
  • Offline Archive in Cabinets
  • Identify, Confirm and Protect Regulated Data
  • Control Access to Data & Networks
  • Develop with Proof of Compliance
  • Employee Compliance Training
  • Secure Devices

Client’s Data Privacy & Security

  • Review of compliance policies and protocols (nation wide and internationally)
  • Internal communication & training to ensure employees’ awareness of any changes to compliance policies and procedures
  • Centralized online and offline database to ensure that access is granted only with both parties’ consent
  • Compliance reporting to identify potential issues early and as a preventive measure
  • Auditing & monitoring using automated tools to monitor compliance with regulations and identify any potential issues

Regulation Compliance

  • The management and operating procedures in Edukarir Indonesia follow the company policies and procedures while complying with the relevant country labor law and tax codes:

Shared Services Value Proposition

  • Greater operational efficiency, effectiveness, and capability of business process using the Lean Six Sigma approach, a combination of Lean methodology and Six Sigma strategy as our main working framework
  • Provide professional & safe service that is highly compliant to the relevant Indonesia’s laws and regulations
  • Improve process control and high quality results through automated and tech-based services
  • Committed to securing clients’ data and confidentiality

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