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Finding top-tier talent with Edukarir Screening Test

We are dedicated and committed to connecting top talent with your organizations.

We assess the best professional candidates through automated tailor-made psychological assessment to perfectly fit your business’s requirements. With Edukarir Screening Test (EST), we cater your need of top level talents through assessing candidates’ working attitudes and behaviors.

What make us different

Our test is not just a psychology assessment, this our profession-based psychology assessment is specifically designed to help you discover your potential and choose a career path that suits you best.

Who need this test

Whether you are a student, college graduate or a professional who feels unsure and lost about your career,

this profession-based psychology assessment might help to ease your struggle.

What you get

  • Personality diagram


  • Profession option for your future career


  • Factors that motivate you to works


  • Your working characteristics


  • 10 potential weaknesses


  • 10 personality details & business point



  • Your communication style


  • Your ideal work environment


  • Your team building methods


  • Your management style


  • Your strength, and many more

5 Steps to Find Your Potential

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Contact Us

Contact Edukarir Team to get access to our profession-based psychology assessment

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Do The Test

Answer all the questions. Relax and just be yourself. There’s no right and wrong answer

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Get the Result

Edukarir will get back with your report (max. 1 working day)

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Get Free Consultation

You will get a free consultation with our psychologist regarding your result

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Find Your Potential

Start to build your career confidently with your true passion

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