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Welcome to Edukarir where HR excellence is not just a goal, it’s our commitment. We are your strategic partner, navigating the intricate landscape of Human Resources with a suite of services designed to elevate your organization

we are your collaborative partners in steering the trajectory of HR success. With an acute understanding of the nuanced challenges that define the HR spectrum, our suite of services unfolds as a bespoke solution tailored to amplify the efficiency, compliance, and overall effectiveness of your HR operations. Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to staying abreast of industry dynamics, we aspire to not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring that your HR infrastructure becomes a cornerstone for sustained growth and excellence.

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Edukarir stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of Human Resources, providing a comprehensive suite of services designed for precision, compliance, and employee engagement. From transparent recruitment processes, legally binding agreements facilitated through innovative technologies, to meticulous adherence to labor regulations and ISO standards, Edukarir ensures a seamless and secure HR environment. Collaborative payroll management, organized correspondence practices, and comprehensive employee data collection underscore its commitment to operational efficiency. The Notion-based employee handbook serves as a dynamic hub for communication, fostering continuous updates and accessibility. Beyond structured processes, Edukarir’s active engagement in employee onboarding/offboarding and celebratory events demonstrates a commitment to cultivating a positive work culture and strengthening team relationships. In essence, Edukarir isn’t just an HR service provider; it’s a guiding force, navigating the intricacies of HR with precision, care, and an unwavering dedication to excellence.

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We help business to upscale its operating model to achieve sustainable net zero business through strategic consultation and services

Lenny Hidayat, S.Sos., MPP.

Founder, Organizational Development & Policy Expert

Viriya Paramita S.E, Ak, M.Ak

Managing Co-Founder, Finance & Business Expert

Dina Permata Sari, M. Psi. T.

Client Support Representative

Yunita, A.Md.Par

Ops Executive

Ovy Rianintya Subandrio

Human Resource Business Partner

Niki Lanjar

General Administrative

M Sigit Pebriyadi

IT Officers

Cholisa Amalia

Business Development

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Recognizing that every business is unique, we offer personalized solutions crafted to meet the specific needs and challenges of your company. No one-size-fits-all approaches here – just customized strategies for your success.

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