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We understand the challenges and costs associated with human resource and operational issues in business. Our mission is to assist burgeoning companies in overcoming these challenges with cost-effective solutions.

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Upscale your business or organization through upskilled people and upgraded system

Going beyond fulfilling organizational needs and client satisfaction, Edukarir drives business operations and industry-focused strategies to align with environmental sustainability goals. We are in it together at every step from advisory to implementation.

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We know how expensive and overwhelming human resource and business operation problems can be. It is our goal to help growing company solve that problems with more affordable offer.

Recruitment and Talent Sourcing Support

Edukarir supports recruitment and talent sourcing activities across various departments

Payroll Related Support Activity

Edukarir manages payroll processes in collaboration with the finance department to get accurate and timely monthly payroll to all staff

Legal & Compliance Related Activity

Edukarir maintains compliance with labor regulations by uploading necessary employment documents

Employee Contract

Edukarir ensures legally binding agreements between the company (Indonesia) and employees. The SignNow application is utilized for remote signature collection.

Correspondence & Employee Database

A separate Google Sheet is maintained to track correspondence with employees.

Employee Handbook Management

The Notion-based employee handbook serves as a centralized platform for company policies, benefits information, and communication materials

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What Our Client Says

Hendi Chandi CTO of Advotics

What I love about working with Edukarir is the Company has a neatly-structured work system that is communicated clearly. The experts also showed mastery of material related to human resources and provide high engagement with the users. As one of the users, I also feel a tremendous amount of energy from the team in carrying out our previous leadership workshop.

Herman Adrian COO of OY! Indonesia

The assistance provided is not only consultation, but also tailor-made personal assistance for each person that changes how we work as an individual and in the patterns of the team work as well.

Puti Sarah Fadhilla HR Executive, PT Cloud Comrade Indonesia

Edukarir Indonesia delivered a responsive and swift work, communicating via virtual meetings. The client also praised Edukarir Indonesia's ability to provide several services of all sorts.

Fautry Hasfiandy Director, PT. Bernas Prima Indonesia

The Edukarir Indonesia team completed the training project on time. The team responded to the client’s needs quickly. Overall, it was a successful engagement.

Erna Ongsiswandy Human Resources Director of Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN)

We partnered with Edukarir to manage various HR functions, including company regulations, wage structure, KPIs, recruitment, payroll, tax calculations, contract templates, and other necessary documents as per our agreement. The service was highly effective with a quick response time. The technical expertise of Edukarir's consultants was impressive, showcasing a deep understanding of the industry and swift responses. We have no suggestions for improvement at this time—just keep up the great work!

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